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Team Rage Tales: Story 2
The Team Rage Tales: Destruction upon a train!
(Last time): "So, what your saying is we should go looking for these other star gems?" Tason asked. Kudo just nodded. "Well if it gets us to meet up with those three jerks again, im all for it!" Blank said. Kudo grinned. "Good, what about you Tason?" He asked. Tason had to think for a second. "Well I don't realy have a choice, if I dont go you two are preety much useless and you'll die by those guys, THEN who would be my idiot freinds I hang out with!" Tason said as he smiled. Kudo grinned even wider. "Then its settled, we're off to find those Star gems." Kudo had said as he put his hand out, Blanku put his hand on top of it smiling and Tason put his hand ontop of blanks he smiled aswell. "Next time we meet up with these guys, they'll be the ones running away!" Kudo said. "Yeah!" Tason and Blank both said.
(Now, a month later.): "So what exactly are these Star Gems Kudo?" Blank asked. "Well i'm not exactly sure myself, but if its the same
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Team Rage Tales: Story 1
The Team Rage Tales: The battle in the Icey Sky!
Nobody can say why it was created, nor how. Perhaps it was something mankind created long ago, a mix of the dark and the light, a creation called...the twilight. This power was so strong and as usual, when something becomes to strong it should be kept away from soceity. It was locked away in a castle, but as we all can't keep something so powerful locked away forever. Just like some old fairytale it was destined to plauge the world once again. The Twilight soon fused with the castle over the years and the residence inside had no choice but to leave the castle. The twilight was getting to strong, so mankind used evreything in their power to burry the castle into the ground where they will never be bothered by it ever again...or so they thought. The story I am going to tell you is the first of many, they have gone through tough times but this might be their toughest yet to come. Every hero has to start somewhere. For these three
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